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Projekt TOUCH the ART – hands on exhibition

Storyteller Museum has been involved in the implementation of the TOUCH ART project – the hands on exhibition in the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

An exhibition of contemporary art can be a space in which to experiment and play. We are not just talking artists but viewers too.  On 1 June, International Childrens Day, the exhibition Touch the Art opened at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, where you will be able to enter the art works, touch paintings made from soft foam or just move the exhibits around.

It all started with a series of workshops for children that young artists ran at Ujazdowski. The participants were children from kindergarten(s) and primary schools, and they had a say in the final appearance of the works. The fruit of these workshops can be savoured in the exhibition Touch the Art. You can experience the works  by actually touching them, listening to them and testing what they have been made of. The objects have been made by different techniques, from varied materials, and  are intended to work on all the senses  not only of children, but also grown-ups.

This unusual exhibition provides an occasion to explore art together. It defies the stereotype that contemporary art is inaccessible, and a visit to such a gallery is usually boring and incomprehensible. The space is full of colour, sound, textures and smells. Touch the Art proves that contemporary art is a world of inspiring experiences. It provides an opportunity to play, lying down and listening out  or messing around with objects, and cuddling or smelling them. You can wheel paintings around, walk along a foam corridor touching it, you can feel the floor vibrate, explore inside a mystery wooden labyrinth or splash yourself with water. Everyone is invited to experience sensory reception, regardless of their age, skills, knowledge or how they see the world. The animators will be present in the gallery at all times  on hand to provide a ‘user guide for each work and to tell interesting stories about them.

The exhibition, as well as the accompanying events, created especially for the occasion, seek  through play  to answer some fundamental questions: What is a work of art? What is the act of creation about?

We received the SUNFLOWERS 2019 award for the exhibition

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The offer

We have a great offer of classes, trainings, workshops and performances.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Pl.

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